Eight kids, a wonderful foster family, an evil contractor, and an anxious bank ready to pull the plug on their dream home. This is the Ables’ family ‘unfinished’ story. It is up to their new neighbors (you and me) to determine how this story will end in a few days. Kathryn Bernhard Gerry,  a dear friend and neighbor to Kelli Ables, tells the tale:

Dear loving community members:

I urge you to listen to the story of my dear friend, Kelli. In addition, I hope her story and pleas inspire you to not only help her, but her beautiful family of the most deserving foster children she helps to give a stable and nourishing life to.

I’ve known Kelli for several years now- there have been times that my young twins have worn clothes that came from her young foster twins, and vice versa- this is how we met- sharing in a love of beautiful dresses for special little ones. Kelli has always gone above and beyond for the children she welcomes into her home- all 8 of them, 1 whom they’ve adopted and 4 they have legal guardianship over. Pretty dresses to help little girls feel special is one very tiny piece of love Kelli manages to give these children- her dreams for them are so much bigger.

She and her law enforcement husband set their sights on a home that could better the circumstances for their large family. It wasn’t just any home, it was one in a community that looks out for one another, one they could afford and one that had almost enough space for them all, and most importantly- it was near to a notable school for the deaf for their daughter. They worked tirelessly to purchase this home, secure a renovation loan, seek out a capable contractor, obtain permits, sell their current home and then hunker down in a tiny space while they awaited better days. Unfortunately that contractor took advantage of their kindness and trust. We have all seen it happen. Holmes on Homes, big home-makeover disasters, ghosting contractors, horrors buried in walls- tv cameras come in, someone saves the day and everyone watches from the comfort of their homes as someone’s worst nightmare is rescued.

So, what happens when it happens right next door? Or to a dear friend, across the country. You come together!

Well, here we are, friends! Kelli needs us! After a promised completion date of their renovations for July, their contractor shirked his obligations to this family. The bank has a deadline of November 13th to maintain their loan status. I’ve watched for countless nights now- messages of pictures and requests for advice, as Kelli works late into the night tiling floors, ship lapping walls, refinishing stairs and mantels, painting doors. But she is running out of time and cannot finish this on her own and needs the community to help her finish so these children can have their home. If you can spare some hours, she has a job for you! She can repay you with bottomless gratitude and devotion to the community she is already tirelessly serving! I thank you immensely for reading, considering, praying, sending good vibes, sending muscle, supplies, help – anything you can to spare!

Home is located at: 502 West 6th | Bristow OK

Need more info? You can contact Kathryn Bernhard Gerry via Facebook HERE


What is Needed?

Installing trim
Prepping/taping for trim paint
Painting trim
Painting exterior and exterior doors
Sanding staircase
Grout showers
Additional need for skilled workers:
Installing fireplace (gas)
Sanding/refinishing hardwoods
Installing doors (2)
Medicine cabinet installed
Drywall repair
Installing porch rails

They also need more lumber and paint to complete the project to closing standards.

Please respond in comments here if you can help!

Let’s show this family some Bristow LOVE!

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