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Bristow Tabouleh Fest 2018 – It’s Time!

The Bristow Tabouleh Fest is an annual event held in Bristow, OK. The Tabouleh Fest has been held for 15 years, and it has become a staple of Bristow's yearly calendar. The event is used to celebrate the rich Lebanese history that helped build Bristow into the town it is today. Additionally, we highlight local vendors from around Oklahoma, give our local students a chance to compete in competitions, and allow outsiders to experience what a great town Bristow is. It is a great day of excitement, and we hope you join us!

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Depot Agreement Reached – Says Bristow Mayor Washington

It seems much of Bristow has been abuzz about the apparent rift between the Bristow Chamber and the Bristow Historical Society. At issue was use of the Train Depot space during the Christmas Unwrapped event, hosted by the Chamber. Within a minute of calling the City Council session into order, Mayor Leonard Washington spoke the words everyone wanted to hear, "I am pleased to announce that we have come to an agreement". The full house of interested citizens applauded the positive development.

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Christmas Unwrapped Creates Major Rift With Bristow Historical Society

I just read the statement from the Bristow Chamber of Commerce on Facebook. As most of you likely know, both the Bristow Chamber and the Bristow Historical Society (and its museum) share the space in the Depot, leasing said space from the City of Bristow. The statement from the Chamber concludes that should the Historical Society fail to vacate their space for the 3 months tied to the Christmas Unwrapped event, that the Chamber will suffer significant financial difficulties and likely would just dissolve the organization. Sadly, also mentioned was the likelihood of all the Chamber events being cancelled should the Chamber fold up its tent.

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Bristow History Museum Grand Re-Opening!

The Bristow Historical Society has been hard at work restoring the Bristow Historical Museum at the Bristow Depot. As many of you will recall, as part of the agreement that brought the Polar Express to Bristow several years ago, the Historical Society needed to disassemble, pack and store the museum artifacts and displays. While the Polar Express was a wonderful plus for the city, sadly we have had to live without our beautiful History Museum. No longer!

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